KeyCreator CAD For Kids

DocWalt KeyCreator CAD For Kids

Doctor Walt's KeyCreator CAD For Kids*Replaces CAD for Kids & CAD for Teens

The perfect educational product for your child. Created to be used with any educational copy of KeyCreator(The educational copy of KeyCreator is available FREE from

A special workspace supplied with the book simplifies use of the software for children. The large, full-color training manual introduces your child to the world of drawing and three-dimensional solid modeling. A large resource library containing pre-made solid models of house, furniture, creature, car, and robot parts adds to the fun and versatility of this product. A lively teaching mouse named "Doctor Walt" headlines the show!

Fastbound, 8 1/2 by 11 format. 398 page full color book with resource CD-Rom. $79.95

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